Friday, August 8, 2008


The streets here are a little different than in the USA... Our truck had one of the wheels swallowed by a large ditch right in the middle of the street. Thank God for 4-wheel-drive, it climbed right out. You should've seen the other ditch though.

You'll notice the cows conspicuous in the center of the photo: this is the plaza when we were getting ready to start our open air meeting.

These young people (myself included) are hiking up to see some ruins near Cusco, where I was supposed to give a short message. This was before the drizzle, or the rain, or the downpour, or the hail, which all came later, and made for some very damp dormitories, and a strange wet dog smell....

This is the typical dress you will see in Cusco, they were all waiting in line for something early in the's hard to say exactly what.

More recently, both Loren and I are teaching courses in the Bible college here. Pray for us....and our students.
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