Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rejoice in the Lord...Always?

I am currently lying in a beautiful hotel room on the Island of Freeport, Bahamas while my loving husband and adorable baby boy are enjoying a warm day at the beach. Although I am very thankful my unborn baby is doing well and that my hubby and boy are enjoying themselves, I am asking God and myself why? Why is that I was only allowed to be on the cruise ship for 5 hours? Why rest in the Bahamas instead of with family? Why here & why now? What is it that you have in mind for us?
Unfortunately, we don’t always get the answers we want in the timing we want it. It is a bit amusing that I would be complaining about resting in the Bahamas, since many of you would probably switch places with me in a heartbeat. But to have to be confined to your hotel room and its bed is not as glamorous as it sounds. For one, I am just not the type to enjoy lying for long periods of time. Sleeping in for me is 8:30 am. Even when I am sick I don’t sleep much. Second, I was looking forward to seeing the Caribbean. So now what?
Well, even as I write I can hear the precious words “rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS and again I say rejoice”… “ In EVERYTHING give thanks for THIS IS THE WILL OF GOD in Christ Jesus”. Therefore, although I do not understand and it’s not always comfortable or convenient I will rejoice and give thanks.
1. The fact that our unborn baby is still living.
2. My husband, who has done our laundry in the sink, walked miles to get us meals, taken care of Joseph in an amazing way, and is so gentle and caring.
3. The sunshine coming through my beautiful hotel window.
4. Joseph’s positive attitude…he has no idea that this was not our plan. He is having a blast with his dad!
5. A peaceful place to rest.
6. That my in-laws are enjoying the cruise in spite of…
7. A private Clinic with kind nurses and capable doctors.
8. That our insurance accepted the claim.
9. A cheap hotel with an amazing view.
10. A faithful God that I can trust even when I don’t understand!

Radial change of plans.

For months now, we've been looking forward to a seven day cruise through the Eastern Caribbean with Mom & Dad Fitzgerald.
After driving for the better part of three days in order to travel central Michigan to southern Florida, let's just say that we were ready for a break.
The cruise started beautifully with a snack, a meeting, and then more food.
However, immediately after dinner, Loren noticed something unusual. We had just been to the doctor two weeks ago, and everything seemed fine with the pregnancy, and at that time we were about 11 weeks along.
Returning to the cabin, she found that she was bleeding just a little. We thereupon called the ship's doctor, who reacted very alarmedly to the news. He left to check with the bridge, and upon arrival at our cabin, informed us that the entire 90,000 ton cruise ship had turned toward the city of Freeport, Bahamas, where they would be disembarking us for further and more thorough medical care.
When we halted a little off of the Island, the waves were too severe to launch the ship's boat, so a tug boat had to come get us. The bow of the tug was sometimes 3 feet below, and sometimes 2 feet above the edge of the door as it rolled and jostled in the surf. They finally got it calmed down enough to get us aboard, and subsequently to the island.
We spent several frustrating hours in the overly crowded government hospital before eventually convincing their staff that we could get better care at the private clinic down the road.
The cruise ship agent transferred us to the other hospital, and waited with us through the whole ordeal which continued until about 2:30am before we were allowed to rest.
At this point, it seems that Loren was bleeding from a fibroid. The baby in her womb appears to be fine, and the best medicine they can prescribe is rest.
The doctor tells us that we will be unable to rejoin the cruise ship, so we are thinking about resting for a few days on the island before returning to Florida.
Thank you for your prayers for a safe and God-glorifying result to this mysterious situation.

IN Christ Alone, Buddy for the family
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