Sunday, April 19, 2009

The headlines read "To the Death"

This picture was taken by a local newspaper. If you can read Spanish and would like to read more about the strike here is the site

“Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not”

The headlines read “To the Death”. The tribes of Puerto Maldonado joined together in a protest defending their land and rivers from being sold to foreign countries. For several years now the Peruvian government has been re-selling Peruvian land to Chile and other nations, and now it seems that they are trying to sell the rivers as well.

Last Monday, April 13 I asked you to join me in prayer. I was specifically praying that:
1. The strike would be conducted in a mannerly fashion.
2. The government building that is a hundred yards from our house would not be vandalized.
3. Buddy would get home quickly and safely.
4. It would rain. Since people tend to “cool down” in the rain.
Our Father answered each one of those prayers. Buddy arrived home safely shortly after I sent the prayer request. The strike was the calmest Puerto Maldonado has seen in a long time, and no government buildings were touched. This was a great blessing since during the strike in August the Municipality was burned down. Public Records, the government building on our block was burned down a couple of years ago. My neighbors´ dad was hurt in the process, therefore she was really worried. I was able to talk to her of our Father and His power to protect us. I explained how you were all praying, this brought her much peace. During the two days of the strike it not only rained but poured. We had no water for a few hours but were able to collect what we needed from the rain.
He not only answered those prayers but as well as some other petitions we had made weeks ago. Many of you are aware that we have been visiting many of the tribes here in the outskirts of Puerto Maldonado. Praise be to God, who has allowed us to build friendships. Just yesterday we went for a ride to see the effects of the strike. Well as we approached FENAMAD (which is the organization that protects tribes and their lands) we saw a group of people sitting on the grass eating. Several different tribes were sitting and eating together. We recognized several of them so we stopped to chat. Many have been asking to see Joseph since Loren and Joseph have not been able to travel with Buddy. (They all really love Joseph. He helps warm their hearts toward the gospel.) As we were sitting there an elderly man approached us asking to talk with us in private. Buddy stepped aside to honor his wishes. This man is named Mario. Mario knew missionary Robert Whatley years ago. Mario seems to be a true believer. He begged Buddy to visit his people. He also gave Buddy contact information for other tribes nearby who are searching for the truth. Mario is especially concerned for the soul of his son. We have been praying for weeks for specific direction to where our Father wants us to go. He has opened the doors to many tribes through this contact and because of our Peruvian fellow co-worker Magnita.
I thought it a necessity to share with you the power of prayer. Thank you for praying but please do not stop because there IS a battle and it’s not against flesh and blood. We love you all and are immensely thankful for you.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

December 08 prayer letter

The young man nervously stood in front of the small congregation, explaining that He had come to Bible college to train for the ministry, and that he believed that the Lord was sending them out into the harvest-fields. His pregnant wife looked on with affirmation, for the Lord had put on their hearts the growing burden to be involved in Church planting specifically in the jungle. Within a few weeks, two prospective Bible College graduates were expressing the same desires before the Church. God was clearly doing something amazing among the young people.
If you were forsaking all, leaving your family, friends, and everything known, to go minister the Word in a third-world country, what would your prayer life be like? What would you be asking God for? One of our most consistent and urgent prayer requests has been for co-laborers. As you know, our desire is to reach the unreached; to go where Christ is not named. We believe that the labor would be more effective as a team ministry. For these reasons, we are thrilled that Richard and Magdalena Leyva have already gone into the jungle town of Puerto Maldonado to get started in the ministry. Lord willing, within a few months EfraĆ­n Pari will also be headed toward the South-Eastern Peruvian jungle to contribute another aspect to the team that God is forming. There is still so much need, and we ask you to pray about whether God would have you come to be a part of the harvest.
In Peru, a church anniversary is a big deal. Just after my parents arrived, we traveled to a jungle town to preach the 38th anniversary of the first Baptist Church in Quillabamba. We were able to visit with some good friends(right). Also we saw one profession of faith, several lives rededicated and many other decisions.
During November, I got to travel to the Puerto Maldonado once again in order to meet Tim Chapman, Jeremy Frazer and Jeremy’s evangelistic team. We had a busy week as we passed out hundreds of tracts, distributed over 1,000 invitations, gave a concert and karate demonstration in the main plaza, preached in services, traveled by river, and visited one of the tribes with which we plan to work in the future.
Thank you for your prayers regarding the baby and pregnancy. Bernard Joseph Fitzgerald V was born November 2nd at 7:40 a.m. He weighed 6 lbs 6 ozs, and was 19 ½ inches long. For us this is a miraculous blessing because of the 4 miscarriages that we had prior to Joseph being born.
We were both privileged to teach Bible College classes once again during the month of October. What a joy to have an impact on the pastors and church-planters of tomorrow. At the end of October my sister arrived to help us with Joseph, learn Spanish, and grow in grace.
The presence of Pastor Jeff Musgrave, and his wife Anna, as well as Karlan Tucker, was a great blessing for us as they came to be with us, and to teach the Jesus Is The Answer Seminar at the Bible College. We were reminded and challenged about Evangelism and discipleship once again. As always, we’ve been seeking opportunities to witness and minister.
Finally, after enjoying Christmas with Buddy’s immediate family, packing all of our belongings, helping to direct the youth camp, and preparing to move to the jungle, we realized that we had to go to the capital in order to register Joseph as an American citizen. Praise the Lord that we were able to do all the paperwork, and get him registered. We were also able to get many things that are entirely unavailable. (Not the least of which was a lunch of Jumbo Shrimp)!
We are planning to apply for Joseph’s Peruvian passport, and then move to Puerto Maldonado, the largest city in the southern jungle of Peru. In Puerto Maldonado, we desire to strengthen the few believers who are meeting, and plant churches, as well as using the city as a jumping off point for the tribal ministry, which the Lord has called us to.
Please pray that the Lord would provide funds for purchasing land, and for building both a church building and a home.
For more information please visit our redesigned website.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

more busy-ness

Family for Christmas!

Christmas drama

Loren's Mom

Special number in the seminary with Tim Chapman

Seminary Graduation - one of our church members!

busy busy

our overloaded truck taking the first cargo to Puerto Maldonado for the move

We were asked to be like god-parents for a local wedding. The weddings are a little bit different here. =)

What a privilege to be asked to preach a 3 day anniversary conference and catch up with friends!

We were thrilled to send out Richard and Magdalena Leyva as missionaries to Puerto Maldonado from the church in Arin

A baby will wear you out!
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