Monday, April 6, 2015

Open Eyes

Last night our church played an evangelistic film. A small crowd showed up since many chose to spend time with their families after our five hour morning service.

We had snacks and drinks along with a powerful film about two young people that chose their own way instead of God´s way. The film demonstrated how God uses even our wrong choices for His glory and our good.

At the end of the film Buddy once again explained the gospel and prayed. During His prayer Joseph tapped my shoulder...

 "Mommy I want to go ask "Juan" if he wants to get saved."

 "Juan" is a young man from one of our church families. Juan is not his real name. He has heard the gospel many times and understands that he is not a believer. We have seen a definite change in him these last couple of months. He is not as defiant and more willing to listen. He comes over often to help with yard work, learn english and ride bikes with Joseph. His mom and I have spent countless hours praying for him, and lately Joseph and I have also been praying for him.

Therefore I was moved that Joseph thought of Juan during the movie and was compelled to approach him about his need of Christ. Joseph went over to Juan and tapped him asking him if he wanted to accept Christ as his savior. Juan, afraid to get in trouble for talking while prayer just nodded at Joseph. Joseph rushed over to me and told me the news with great excitement. I had been praying for both of them, therefore I did not see what happened. I told Joseph to ask Juan to go speak to Buddy after he finished praying so Joseph rushed back to him.

When Buddy finished praying another unsaved man approached him and they were engrossed in a gospel conversation. I looked over at Joseph and Juan and saw Joseph literally pushing him towards Buddy so I went to talk with them.

I asked Juan what was going on. He then went on to explain that Joseph had asked him during prayer if he wanted to get saved and that he nodded so not to make a scene. I took the opportunity to ask him if he understood and wanted to begin his relationship with Christ.  He replied "No I'm not ready". Joseph hearing his response began to weep openly. I hugged him and that just made matters worse. Juan then asked me "why is he crying?" I told him that Joseph loved him very much and that he also understood that the bible teaches that whoever believes in Jesus is not condemned, but whoever does not believe is condemned already because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of God. Juan lowered his head and then said "I am glad that Joseph loves me that much".  I took the time to once again explain the gospel to him, I believe that Juan understands that salvation is not just fire insurance and that is why he is struggling. He is not really ready for Jesus to be Lord of his life. Please continue to pray for this young man.

It brought me so much joy to see my son Joseph understand that our friends have souls and that those souls will live somewhere for eternity. I praise God for opening his eyes to the big picture.

Are your eyes open?

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