Friday, March 26, 2010

What a day!

This morning Joseph decided to help me get up early. Yep, 5:30 am! I was much appreciative since I had already planned on baking some banana bread for breakfast. I had left some bananas out to help the ripping process. To my surprise some little pest thought the bananas were for her and therefore helped herself to a bite or two. The kitchen reeked of rat waste. Therefore, I prepared myself to see the little rascal. I turned on the oven to preheat it and as I was finishing up the batter out comes the rat from within the stove. No matter how much I pep myself for the encounter I am always taken by surprise; accomplishing nothing in regards to the extinction of such a creature. So once again I have uninvited guests in my stove. The good news is that the banana bread came out delicious despite the fiasco.

But the adventure continued…
Joseph woke up with several mosquito bites, which created quite a distraction when it was time to nap. Please pray that they heal quickly. While Joseph was napping I was able to catch up with my friend Sue whom was in the inner jungle. Praise the Lord for good friends. When Joseph woke up I walked to the market to check up on Cecilia and her daughter. Cecilia’s daughter seems to be doing a little better but we can’t do much since the pediatrician is on vacation until Monday and Cecilia refuses to take her daughter to the hospital. I am trying to not be pushy about what the child needs. Please pray with me that the little girl will get better. Pray too for another opportunity to share the gospel with Cecilia.

Later that afternoon the three of us headed to Isabella’s house (the 84 year old who Buddy witnessed to the other day). She is very kind and quite alert and agile for her age. She was a nun until 17 and then married and had children. The priests she worked with were very good men making it difficult for Isabel to turn from works to grace. Please pray that she would see her need for a Savior.

Immediately following our visit with Isabel we headed to a local park. Buddy and I have been specifically praying for ways to make new contacts and ways to build relationships with people. Well just two days ago we started going to a little park near our house. They have bikes and little push cars that one can rent to entertain the little people. Joseph really enjoys going. Yesterday, I went by myself while Buddy ran some errands. Since I was alone, I sat with some ladies and began to chat. The conversation really sprung up because I was pregnant. They basically told me “Oh you’re pregnant again and your son is so young …I am so sorry for you” I went on to explain to them that I was not sorry and that actually we (my husband and I) feel blessed to be able to have another baby. Well, these ladies had seen Buddy pushing Joseph on one of the little cars the day before and he made quite an impact on them. Needless to say his testimony opened a door for the gospel. The ladies asked many questions and asked me to bring my Bible the next day for a further chat. As I arrived today Margarita was waiting for me. To make a long story short I was able to share the gospel with Margarita and her daughter (who is a professional obstetrician). They listened with rapt attention. They did not make any decisions but said they would come this Sunday and stay for the meal (Spaghetti Sunday). When they left I noticed that another young lady was sitting on the same bench. I asked her if she was listening. Pilar said yes. She too wants to know more and said she would come this Sunday with her sister. I was pretty excited to say the least.

Well, we had to rush home and set up for our Friday evening kids club. We usually show a film and then have a bible story followed by some sport and beverage. Unfortunately, the “equipment” did not work so we sang some songs, Buddy gave a short devotional and they learned to play American football.

It is now 9:29pm Joseph is asleep, Buddy has wrapped things up with the kids and I have sometime to write and study for my Sunday school lesson. Thanks for reading and staying in tune with what our Father is doing here in Puerto Maldonado. Please continue to pray for these souls, specifically these ladies and their families. May our Father bless you as He blesses me daily.

For His glory!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Our Father Answers Prayer

For months I have been praying for an opportunity to share the gospel with my “meat lady”, Cecilia. Before we left on furlough I had invited her to our home for dinner but she did not show. At first she was embarrassed to see me but I continued to be friendly and to faithfully shop at her “spot”. This morning Buddy and I took some time to pray for the different contacts we have made and the opportunity to share the gospel with them. As Buddy prayed Cecilia and her daughter came to my mind and I silently prayed for them. Well, I went about my morning routine not thinking much about how God would answer that prayer. I had already planned on going to the market since we were running low on meat. On my way out I bumped into Eliud (Magnita’s brother) who was just arriving from Brazil. We started chatting and eagerly asking him questions about the different tribes there. In the middle of our talk Joseph started fussing because he was all pumped to go to the market. He just kept telling me “Mommy go, go”. At first I was annoyed but then Buddy convinced me to take a short trip to the market and then meet up with them for lunch. I had no idea that our Father was using even my little one to answer my prayer. As I approached Cecilia I noticed that her little daughter was lying on her shoulder, and looking very ill. I asked Cecilia if she was ok. Cecilia went on to explain to me that she has been very lethargic for about two weeks and that she is losing weight. I told her that I knew of a good doctor that could at least run some tests. She asked me if I could go with her right then. I was reluctant to say yes since I know that often times a doctor visit takes hours, but a small voice told me “I am opening a door”. So I told her “lets go”:. When we arrived at the doctor’s office he was with a patient so we had to wait. While we were waiting Cecilia asked me “what made you be religious”. I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. I was able to share with her how I came to have a relationship with Jesus and that is why I am here: to help others have a relationship with Him as well. Cecilia is separated from her partner. She has several children and works hard to maintain the home, keeping her very busy. I am praying that the Lord will use me to show her His love and mercy. I will, Lord willing, see her again tomorrow. Please pray that we have an opportunity to talk further about the Gospel and her need of a Savior.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Keeping you updated

For a good while, I have wanted this blog to be simply a way to share with you my every day life, but on the other hand I’ve wanted it to inspire, encourage, and help others draw near or nearer to our Savior. Therefore, I am usually reluctant to write.
Unfortunately I think the same thing happens in other areas of our lives. For example, being faithful in our devotions or keeping a diet or cleaning the clutter in our homes. We have good intentions but yet do nothing to accomplish the task. All that to say, I am jumping back on the wagon: once again I will attempt to keep up my blog.

I have been home (meaning Puerto Maldonado) for about 10 days, and so much has happened. I must say I am happy to be home.

Our Father has once again out done Himself in showing me His love and faithfulness. When I first arrived to Puerto Maldonado I was overwhelmed, tired, bitten up (from Lima, the capital of all places) and a bit sad. There was no one at the airport to greet us, which makes for a very sad welcoming. After taking a moto-taxi to our house and being welcomed by Richard and Magdalena (which, by the way, had lost lots of weight, I think it's because they were saving to take a trip to visit family, therefore they did not budget enough money to buy meat). I was confronted with the overwhelming task of unpacking and cleaning. Richard and Magda had been very careful with our home and tried their best, but that included not touching anything, therefore much of our stuff was full of dust, ants, and some things had been invaded by rats. (Side note: They told us that they had to evict rats from my stove twice since I have been gone). The day we arrived Richard told Buddy that they wanted to travel for a few weeks to see family. They had not seen their family in four years, therefore we felt bad telling them that they could not go. Richard and Magdalena are currently in Puno with their little one.

Magnita, another co-worker, is still in Brazil visiting her sick grandma. She left about 2 months ago. I spoke with her a couple of days ago and she told me that she is not coming back. Her grandma is up in years and she wants to stay and help care for her for at least a year. Her grandmother lives in a tribe where there is no gospel influence, therefore Magnita has started a kids club. I am sad to loose her as a co-laborer but am excited that she is still serving our Father. Please pray for her, as I am sure she will face opposition and temptations.

Victor, our older co-worker, is still in Lima and won't return until the 3rd of April. He is taking this time as a short furlough.

Our only American friends in Puerto, Jim and Sue left for the inner jungle the same day we arrived. All that to say, we are home and alone, so where is the good news??? Well, I began to pray lots and you know what... God started answering almost immediately.

1. I prayed that I would find someone to help in the house. The Lord sent Janet. She had already worked for me before. She is a Christian and a fast, hard worker. She has two young daughters Gina and Josy, whom are helping me with children's church.
2. I prayed for energy. I have not had this much energy since before having Joseph. I am thankful this pregnancy is going well.
3. I prayed for specific things to be fixed in the house. My husband has worked hard in helping get things back in order without me asking him.
4. I prayed for time to get my Sunday school material done. Gina (Janet's older daughter) comes over every Saturday and helps me write out songs. I spend most of Thursday-Saturday preparing the memory verse, making attendance charts, creating a coloring page, and studying my lessons. I am able to get this done while Joseph naps since he is back on a schedule!!
5. I prayed that many kids and adults would come to church since our attendance has been down. The Wednesday we arrived there were 4 kids and 2 adults. Our numbers have doubled since then.
6. I prayed for Joseph's adjustment. He loves it here. He is sleeping in his own room most of the night. Duke our dog protects him very much. Duke walks us to the store and makes sure no one or nothing gets near Joseph's carriage. He also does not allow Joseph to go out the front door unless he sees one of us. Since no one is currently living with us we were able to fix up the second bedroom as the kids room. Joseph knows it's his room and is absolutely thrilled. We were also able to have someone make Joseph a toddler bed and he loves it.
7.I have been praying for a quiet time for our family. Since no one is living with us we have been able to have that special time. It has been so tranquil. My family is bonding in efforts to do God's will. I can't express the joy and peace this change has brought to my soul.

Well, I think you are all caught up. I will try to write on a more regular basis so that I can share the day to day joys, fears, and victories of living for our Father.
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