Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Field Director's visit

The McLanahans arrive!
Some of the local scenery on the return trip from the airport.
The day after they arrived I got to give the gospel to several hundred people at a funeral.
We are also trying to get a work started in Huayllabamba, a nearby community of around 1000 souls. Loren gave free medical exams, we showed an evangelistic film, and I preached.
And all too quickly, we were back at the airport, seeing the McLanahans off to Arequipa.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

looking for land

Here's for an aerial view of the approach to the city. Looks rather uncivilized, right?!
This is one of the primary means of transportation in the city of Puerto Maldonado.
Here's a typical road in the city, and this just happens to be the neighborhood where the Bible study is conducted.
We were DEFINITELY not going as fast as this picture looks, unfortunately. (There were two of us on this scooter with a total of 6 horsepower)
This was an elderly gentlemen whom we talked to about purchasing land.
Please pray with us that the Lord leads us to the right property which will meet the requirements so that the Father receives the maximum glory.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Time with the Fitzgerald Family & The girls 3 day party.

Becka & I felt inspired by the billboard. We ate lots of good food. Ok, I was the only one that enjoyed "Chicken Feet".
Mom taught my bible study, I translated of course. It was lots of fun.

While the boys were gone we did a little sewing...
We cooked Chinese fried rice, wantons & egg rolls... (yep it was all homemade)
We visited a "Baby Alpaca" & "Llama" farm...

Checked out a pottery school...
Took lots of scenic pictures...And prepared for the boys to get back from Puerto Maldonado. Mom made mint chocolate cheesecake, Becka made garlic bread, & I made lasagna (which had a bit too much garlic & oregano) Oh well =)

We were pleased to have the boys home. I gave Buddy his Anniversary gift. He was surprised & very pleased.
Buddy said he will give an update about the boys trip. We had a great time with the family & were really sad to see them leave. =( Today has been really tough.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Monday, May 5, 2008

Rather Busy

Here in Peru they husk the corn, then put it out to dry. Here we are harvesting the church's field of corn.

I know that it just looks like a stream, but it's actually a highly disguised road.

We had a wonderful fellowship with the Seminaries married students, whom we have been put in charge of.
This Cuy "is not fat, just pregnant" but it's the most pregnant guinea pig I've ever seen.

You have got to love the scenery around here.

Loren and some young ladies making a church pancake breakfast!

We are here on the way to help the Senior Whatley family pack up some belongings. No, those are not their dwellings in the background. Those are ancient Inca tombs.

During some distant phase of church construction someone had left a number of boards up in the open rafters some 25 feet over the concrete floor. We had an exciting time getting them down, but praise the Lord for safety.

On the left is one of our national missionaries, Luis, presenting a Bible to a national pastor who was in desperate need of a Bible. Thank you for helping to provide for such needs.

We were able to help a seminary graduate move down to the jungle town of Quillabamba. We made quite a sight as we traveled over the windy, winding mountain roads to get there. Ken Loveall, our coworker, remarked "what are they looking at? Anybody else want to drive?"
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