Friday, December 18, 2015

Weekly Wonders


Saturday- Decorated for our Christmas program "Volviendo a Cristo en Navidad"

                                 Thankful for faithful servants that use their gifts for God's glory!

Sunday- Buddy told the story of Abraham in a narrative way to remind us of God's faithfulness 
in-spite of our faithlessness. 

Monday- Traveled to Cusco to see a dentist and see baby Adalia...

Praising God for His protection during Angel's surgery. The surgery lasted 5 hours. It was brutal but even through out it all I saw God's strength. He gave Angel courage and a sound mind. Praise God!

Tuesday- Shopped in Cusco for the kids christmas gifts...

I didn't realize how much fun it would be to shop for the kids. It was the first time I got to shop for them alone. The Lord kept bringing Matthew 7:11 to mind. 

The icing to our Cusco trip...
Baby Adalia Slopa Sebastian

She is growing stronger each day. Yesterday, Emily was able to cuddle her for an hour. 
Today, she nursed her for the first time.  I am continually amazed at God's goodness and grace. 
He is the one that holds each breath we take.

Wednesday- Traveled back from Cusco and went out with the kiddos to invite for the 
Christmas program

Last week we made a couple hundred cookies to give out with our christmas invitations. We were able to hand out about 100 bags to the hospital personal and about 60 more to our neighbors.

We went door to door with the kiddos. The boys rode on their bikes making it an adventure in itself. 

Thursday- La Joyita bible study
(Segundo and Buddy talking about Yine translation. So thankful for what God is doing in Segundo's heart.)

We were locked out of our normal meeting place, but the neighbor graciously allowed us to meet at her place. 

Abigail Yoder was visiting us this week. We were glad to have her here. We were blessed to see how God used her to witness to this young man. His name is Dima. He is from Russia. He was polite and had many questions but seemed very closed to the gospel. Please pray for him.

It was exciting to see that despite the inconvenience of lack of seats we had more than the usual in attendance. 
We had 11 adults and 10 kids. 

Friday- We said farewell to Abigail and built a chicken coop

Abigail and I got to go to Nazareth's school in place of her mommy. 
Since Emily is in Cusco with baby Adalia.

So blessed to be instruments in the redeemers hand...

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

In what ways do you feel like a lifeless stump, longing for a tender shoot of hope?

The last two days have been exhausting physically, mentally, and emotionally. I came home this afternoon after leaving my sweet grieving friend. I sat to refresh my soul and the devotional question of reflection was this:

In what ways do you feel like a lifeless stump, longing for a tender shoot of hope?

Monday night I received a phone call from my sweet pregnant friend informing me that she was hemorrhaging and was going to try to get to the hospital. Kudos to my brave friend Tracy that drove her. It was especially dangerous because we have had a strike for the past week and half. The strikers have put up all kinds of barricades and even assault those on motorcycles and vehicles.

Buddy took me on the motorcycle and the drive there was enough to spike up my adrenaline for a while.

After the doctors finally examined her, she was admitted to the hospital. Emily was pregnant with twins but she was only 26 weeks along. I was allowed to stay by her side while a group of prayer warriors stayed outside with her husband, Segundo.

Around midnight they informed us that the doctor on call felt that there was no hope for the babies so he induced her. I asked if we could give her a shot that would help develop the babies' lungs. He responded “it’s too late…it would be a waste, they are not going to make it anyway”. I was quite frustrated but kept calling out for help to the creator of life.

At 5am we entered the delivery room where I assisted the obstetrician with the birth. We delightfully heard the cry of Adalia at 5:22. She was alive and breathing. Praise the Lord! But she needed help: She was 900 grams and extremely fragile.

The head nurse of ICU asked for a neonatal incubator. The assisting nurse said “why? They are going to die anyway”. Again flabbergasted by the lack of value for life I called out to my father. The head nurse insisted and the assistant had to comply.

Minutes passed, all the while Emily was struggling. She was tired and had lost all her strength to push. I had to lightly slap her several times since we were losing her. All the while I continued to call out, begging my Father for strength and wisdom. The doctor asked me to help push. At 5:45 Aaron was born.

He looked so frail and bruised. I went to his side and spoke to him. I told him to fight, that we loved him, that he had a purpose in life. He grabbed my finger. I will never forget that moment.

The last 24 hours have been heartbreaking…

Aaron went to be with His creator at 8:33pm last night. They didn’t inform his mother till this morning.

This morning I went to see Adalia and Emily.

While visiting Adalia in ICU I was pleased to see that I knew the head nurse for this shift. We started chatting about the situation and she asked “why didn’t they give them a shot when they were born to help develop their lungs?”  I responded that I didn’t know about the shot and that no one informed of us of it either. She went to check the medical records. Apparently someone thought that the parents were too poor to afford the shot and the social government doesn’t cover it, so “they” didn’t say anything.

I praise the Lord for all the connections he has given me at the hospital but this experience has showed me how little “power” I have over anything.

My heart ached. I was angry and sad that I could not help. I felt so limited in my knowledge and so incapable. Emily was there while I was talking to the head nurse.

We hugged each other and she sobbed. Later she told me struggled all morning wondering “if God could heal my babies…” is all she said. We both understood what she was thinking. I prayed with her and wept with her. I don’t know the answer to the question "why didn't he?"

So as I meditate on the question for yesterday…

In what ways do you feel like a lifeless stump, longing for a tender shoot of hope?

This is how...

Dear Father help my unbelief.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Now to Him who is able...

There are times in our lives where it is difficult to know the next step. Our sight seems blurred and our feet feel the sharp rocks of the difficult road ahead and fear grips our hearts.
That is when we “Trust” knowing that God is writing our story and He is "Faithful"!
His promises are true. He is good and He is able. Therefore:
Against all hope in hope I believe,
That You Lord are faithful,
You're good and You are able.
When it seems impossible to me,
Your promises are all true,
What You said I know You will do.
And I am sure
Your love endures
I'm giving it all
To the Keeper of the stars
I won't be afraid
Cause You're holding every part
Of this world
And my heart trusts You that
You won't let me fall
I'm giving it all
To the Keeper of the stars
Against all hope in hope I believe,
Your plan for me is perfect
And You show me it's all worth it.
With eyes of faith You teach me to see,
And lighten every dark night,
Knowing it will be alright.
And I am sure
That Your love endures, yeah
I'm giving it all
To the Keeper of the stars
I won't be afraid
Cause You're holding every part
Of this world
And my heart trusts You that
You won't let me fall
I'm giving it all
To the Keeper of the stars
You're the Keeper of the stars
Look up now, O my soul
See His greatness and behold, behold!
Look up now, O my soul
See His wonders and behold, behold!
I'm giving it all
I'm giving it all
I'm giving it all
To the Keeper of the stars
I won't be afraid
Cause You're holding every part
Of this world
And my heart trusts You that
You won't let me fall
I'm giving it all
To the Keeper of the stars
You're the Keeper of the stars
The Keeper of the stars (
lyrics by Laura Story)
“Now to Him who is able to keep you from stumbling and to present you blameless before the presence of HIs glory with great joy, to the only God, our Saviour, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, dominion, and authority, before all time and now and forever. Amen”Jude 24-25

Thursday, November 19, 2015

A thief in my car

 This morning I woke up earlier than usual and was able to spend some extra time with my Lord.  Next, I happily made some pancakes and scrambled eggs.
I had planned to get some homeschool done, go pay bills, and then shop for  extra groceries because of the upcoming strike on Monday.  Everything was running smoothly. School was done and we were all on our way to town. On our way in I noticed a missed call. One of our men from church was taken to the emergency room and they needed my help. So Buddy took the kids while I rushed to the emergency room. After about an hour our fellow brother was better and home. I got back to the original plan of paying bills. Buddy went home to prep the generator amongst other things for the upcoming strike.

So it was just the kids and me. 

We drove around town paying the lights, internet and all that was left was the water bill. The kids were hot and tired. I promised a treat right after this last bill. I had to circle the block three times before I could get a parking spot right in front of the building. We rushed out of the truck and into the building not locking the doors knowing that it would be a quick stop.

Coming out of the building I noticed that some one was in the passenger side scavenging through our stuff. 
I rushed to the car and yelled at the man to get out of my car. I immediately began yelling"THIEF POLICE". The man attempted to walk away but I grabbed him and continued to yell "POLICE THIEF!!" The thief grabbed my hand upset that I had pushed him against the car. I yanked back and thought "how far should I go to detain this thief" since there were many spectators but no one was helping and there is a silly law about hurting thieves.  The thief tried to cross the street and I continued after him yelling "THIEF POLICE!. 
As I approached him again a man with an open shirt and bullet proof vest came out of no where and grabbed the man putting him in a headlock.  He then dragged the man across the street and pinned him to my truck. 
The man was an under cover cop. He asked me to search my car to see what the thief had taken. I searched rapidly but I could not see or think of anything that was missing. By this time a police truck had pulled up. They rammed the man into the vehicle. 
I explained to the cop what had happened. Apparently, the man was not able to take anything. 

The cops took the thief away.
 I  and the kids got into my vehicle. The many spectators were still staring at me while my kids were cheering because of my "bravery".  My heart was racing and my adrenaline was at its peak. I picked up the phone and called my huddy, explained what happened and then went on to the grocery store. 
Crazy Morning!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Life is full of troubles...

Life is full of troubles. I must admit that there are times that I feel that I just want to walk out. I get overwhelmed with sorrow for my sin and those around me. I feel heavy for the brokenness all around. And I begin to choke. 

I don't want to face this valley
I don't want to walk alone
You say that you'll leave to find me
Well I'm begging You
to come

Don't think I can face this morning

Heaviness is on my chest
You say that You'll lift this burden
Well I''m begging You to bring me rest

Come and find me in the darkest night of my soul
In the shadow of the valley
I am dying for You to make me whole

For You to make me whole

I can't keep myself from sinking
From drowning down in all of this shame
My throat is worn out from calling for help
And I'm praying that You'll remember my name

I know I can't fight this battle
Been surrounded on every side
You say that You will deliver me
Well I am praying that You'll restore my life

Come and find me in the darkest night of my soul

In the shadow of the valley
I am dying for You to make me whole
For You to make me whole

Answer me out of the goodness of Your love
In Your mercy, turn to me
I know it's You that I've been running from
But I'm seeing it's You I need, need

You're all I need

So come and find me in the darkest night of my soul
In the shadow of the valley
I am dying for You to make me
Come and find me in the darkest night of my soul
In the shadow of the valley
I am dying for You to make me whole
For You to make me whole
For You to make me whole

So I speak to myself truth. I listen to the psalms being read to me. I take a breathe, I pray, I listen, I soak, I believe and I trust.

Monday, November 2, 2015

A little glimpse of life as a missionary wife.

I woke up with a hop and a skip in my step excited for a day of worship. I had my morning planned and rolling. Spent some sweet time diving into my Father´s love letter, soaking and meditating on His truths. Then off to get things ready for the kid's Christmas program, the adult christmas program and the Kid's 4 truth presentation.

I was thankful that there was power and that our persnickety printer was working. It was 6:30 am and all the copies were made and my "mary poppins" bag was packed. I felt really good about my accomplishments thus far. I skipped to the kitchen ready to tackle breakfast and my crockpot lunch.

There were some rotten mangos in my fruit basket so I picked them up and walked over to our mud room where I usually chuck our rotting fruit over the fence. (A little perk of not having neighbors and living in the jungle).

When I opened my front door the entire mud room was splattered with blood. It looked like something from a scary movie! There was blood everywhere. At that instance, I panicked a bit.

What happened? Who did this? Is it an awful, not funny prank?

Then I remembered, our little dog "Toffee" has had a wound on her ear for the last couple of days. She is feisty, and smart which has kept her alive longer than any of our other dogs. Her personality does not allow us to pet her or heal her when injured. Therefore, I had not doctored her up. Unfortunately the evidence showed that things had gone sour fast.

I asked Buddy to help me and he went in search for her. There was blood everywhere! Down the steps, on the walls and all over the yard. My hopes of finding her alive were slim.

Buddy found her! She was alive but bleeding out fast. There was much tension over why she was not cared for earlier and rash, harsh words were exchanged as to whose responsibility it was to care for the pets, overall not helping the situation.

I rushed to call a vet, and I finally got in touch with one that was willing to see her early on a Sunday morning. While phoning different people for help I quickly whipped up breakfast and then rushed to get her to the vet.

Toffee was not happy about being held. We wrapped her in a sheet. I ran to the truck but the gate was locked and the gate key was not with the truck keys. Joseph ran down with the right keys and hopped into the front seat to help hold Toffee as I drove. Well, the truck would not start. So I had to pop the hood while Buddy banged on the battery connectors. In the mean time Toffee got loose from Joseph's hold and began trying to find a way to escape, getting blood and chunks of what seemed like flesh all over us and the truck.

After much struggle we got Toffee to the vet. Getting her out of the car was another bloody adventure.

Finally I was heading back home to shower, get Abigail ready, and finish preparing lunch. Unfortunately, the truck would not start again!

I hopped out looking like something scary from Halloween, popped the hood and banged on the battery connectors. Praise the Lord! The truck started.

I rushed home, showered, got myself and Abigail ready, and made our crockpot lunch. We rushed out the door to get to church early for set-up. Then I went on my routine "bus" route to pick up a dear elderly man from the nursing home and the kids from our old neighborhood.

When I arrived back at the church building I realized that I had forgotten the wireless speaker to practice the songs for Christmas. After greeting everyone with a holy kiss I began my quest to figure out how to solve this problem, since I do not have an angelic voice and need the music to stay on key.

I found an outlet in the old Sunday school room (that is falling apart; being consumed by termites, but that's another story), but it had no power. By this time it was starting to sprinkle, worship time was almost over, and the kids would soon be dismissed to their classes. I had to figure out how to wing it with the small speaker from my phone.

The kids were excited to learn the new christmas songs and the Lord held off the torrential down pour till after the lesson
 And all that happen before noon!

Friday, October 30, 2015

3 gifts on Time: The Joy Dare

I often do not see time as a gift.  I am slightly OCD. I get a rush in being organized even with my time, but the pressure to get everything done that I would like creates added stress. 

I remember showing a friend of mine "my ideal week" schedule and she told me how just looking at it, stressed her out!

I am thankful for this joy dare that causes me to stop and see things as gifts. 

 As a homeschool mom of a preschooler and two elementary kids most of my mornings are consumed with teaching, cleaning and cooking all at the same time. I understand this is my season. Unfortunately, I am often deceived that being a mom isn't enough and I miss the gifts of taking time to enjoy this season of giggles, simple tears, big faith, tender kisses and tight hugs.

The Lord is showing me to open up my eyes because...
As I spent hours yesterday washing, folding and putting away laundry I was clouded by the vastness of the job and had to search deep and hard for it's beauty.

 My little girl came up to me and said "Mommy I know what I want to be  when I grow up" (she is only 3). I responded "really?" as I picked up her fragile little frame and put her onto my lap. She said "yes, I want to be a mommy when I grow up".  

Those words were medicine to my soul. Even after all my failures, and there are quite a few, she sees what I am doing daily as something admirable. Thank you Lord Jesus for making my broken beautiful. 

So this is my life verse and prayer. I want to live carefully and wisely, so that I make the most of every opportunity to show Christ in my life. I don't want to live thoughtlessly but I want to know my Lord so intimately that I understand what pleases Him most, so that He is most glorified. 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

3 gifts in Christ: The Joy Dare

1. In Christ I am greatly blessed...
My sleep, my rising up each day, the ability to see, to breathe, to laugh, to cry is a gift given by God through Christ because all things were created through him and for him. In Christ I am blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places.

2. In Christ I am highly favored...
He chose me with all my stubborn, defiant, rebellious sin. He spared not his own Son so that I  can have free access to the holy of holies. I can draw near  with a true heart in full assurance of  faith because I am highly favored in Christ.

3. In Christ I am deeply loved...
 I love Him because He loved me first. He paid the ultimate price to show me His love...
why do I doubt it?

There is never any need to pretend that your life is filled with joy and confidence; just wait upon God and be grounded in Him . 
Oswald Chambers

Here is a link to the song

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A gift Humbling, Honoring, Happy: The Joy Dare

an honoring gift...
"Service is the overflow which pours from a life filled with love and devotion...The Son of God reveals Himself in me, and out of devotion to Him service becomes my everyday way of life."
 Oswald Chambers

A humbling gift...
The greatest competitor of true devotion to Jesus is the service we do for Him. It is easier to serve than to pour out our lives completely for Him. The goal of the call of God is His satisfaction, not simply that we should do something for Him. 
Oswald Chambers

A happy gift...
 at the creek with the kiddos and friends

Tell me about your gifts...
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