Thursday, April 15, 2010

He is able.I know my Lord is able to carry me through!

For the past 13 days I have been living separated from the help and support
of my loving husband. Buddy needed to travel to Cusco to teach a block
course at a seminary. After much prayer, we decided that Joseph and I would
stay behind in Puerto Maldonado for to hold the fort. I was mostly concerned
about leaving my "kids". Our children's program had diminished with the
absence of Magnita. Our Father has given me a burden for these little souls.
I had just started a new program with them and did not want to leave for two
weeks. I just did not realize all that would happen in just two weeks.
The Strike On Sunday, April 4th the mining strike begun- The strike
was about a new law the Peruvian government had passed concerning the
legality of mining. They were requiring all miners to register and to
eventually pay a tax for their income. It also included some restriction on
how and where they could mine. After 6 deaths in Arequipa, 1 death here in
our own town, some bombs and some aggressive demonstrations, the government
gave in to the miners and amended their "new law." The strike officially
ended on Wednesday, April 7th with much partying and drinking. It took a
couple a days to get fresh produce due to lack of transportation during the
strike, but all was well thanks to your many prayers.
Monkey Attack 1 On Thursday, April 8th I went to visit my friend Sue
for some fun and fellowship. Jim and Sue are our only American friends here
in Puerto. They live about 20 minutes outside of the city in a rustic home.
They have no electricity and their roof is made of palm leaves. We enjoy
going there to get away from "the noise." They also have an owl monkey
called Winnie. Winnie is usually a lot of fun. She comes into the house at
night and jumps on your head but does no harm.
This particular day Joseph was a bit clingy towards Jim since his daddy had
been gone. He wanted to go everywhere with Jim. Well, Winnie got jealous of
the attention Joseph was getting and retaliated. Joseph was standing in the
grass waiting for Jim to come out of his shed when Winnie spotted him. She
got up on her hind legs and then at full force ran to tackle Joseph. I was
sitting about 5 feet away and could not reach Joseph in time. Praise God,
Jim heard the monkey and Joseph's screams. He reached Joseph before Winnie
could do any damage.
Monkey Attack 2 Later that evening Jim took Joseph with him to the shed.
Well Jim had forgotten that Winnie was in there feeding on spiders, and
other creepy crawlies As soon as Winnie saw Joseph she jumped on him to once
again attack him. Praise God, Jim was holding on to Joseph and just knocked
the monkey down.
Monkey Attack 3 Since we noticed that Winnie was not going to play nice with
Joseph we did not allow her into the house that night. But she is a wild
animal and like any animal in hunt for her prey, she found a way in through
the palm of the roof. This attack was pretty terrifying for me since you
could see her stalking Joseph. She was quickly making it very difficult for
any of the adults to grab ahold of her. I of course being "Mama Bear" held
onto my little cub and readied myself to destroy that little monkey if she
attempted anything.
Unfortunately, the only way to capture her was to lure her in. So we let her
jump on me and attempt to grab Joseph in order to capture her.
We succeeded but Joseph's love for monkeys has been replaced by fear.
Monkey Attack 4 The next morning Joseph was playing in the hallway while I
was cleaning up our room when I heard Jim say "The monkey got into the
house" at that very instant Joseph yelled with all his might.
I (and my 6 month pregnant body) ran as fast as I could to rescue my little
boy. When I reached him Winnie had already jumped on him. I crabbed Joseph
and kicked Winnie but she came back for more so I hit her. Both Joseph and I
were puffing and shaking. Jim captured Winnie and put her in a more secure
cage. To say the least, Joseph no longer likes monkeys. If you even spell
the word he says "NO , NO, MONKEY" as he shakes his little finger (it's
actually really cute). He spent the rest of the night looking up to see if
she was around. He clung to me for the rest of the evening not wanting to
play. Needless to say the monkey will be in the cage before we visit again.
Gringo Price
Tuesday, April 14.-We have been trying to purchase land for over a year in
hopes of building a little home. We thought that finally our prayers had
been answered. Well on Tuesday our friend that has been handling the
transaction came to tell me that the priced was changed. The buyer found out
that "Gringos" were purchasing the land and decided that the price was too
low. Please pray that justice is done. Pray for our Father to make a way.
To top everything Joseph's 4 k-9s and his back left molar have just busted
through, which all moms know make for a very fussy baby.
Little Angels
Tuesday night, April 14- That evening I was feeling especially lonely and
was praying for strength to endure this time while Buddy is away. To
distract my mind some I took a converted motorcycle (with a bench seat in
the back) to the plaza and walked around with Joseph. When we arrived home
two little boys from my children's class were at my door waiting for me.
Last Sunday the lesson was mostly on salvation. I did not want the kids to
make a decision based on what others were doing so I told them that I would
go visit them at their homes and talk to each one privately.
Well Alex and Jon-Paul were wondering why I had not visited their homes yet.
So I set up appointments for the next day. Alex then says to me "Hey sister,
let's go get some ice-cream." I responded that I couldn't since I had just
used up all my change on the taxi. He then tells me "No sister, I am
treating." He had evidently done some side jobs for his uncle and had some
money. Alex is ten and lives across the street from me. I accepted the
offer and we had a great time. I was able to talk with him more about
salvation. Please pray for him. I can tell our Father is working on his
Wednesday, April 15 - I had made an appointment to be at Alex's house at 2
pm. Janet was able to watch Joseph for a bit so that I could go alone. When
I first arrived, Alex's mom was eating so Alex and I just chatted some.
After a while his mom came into the room. She automatically reached for the
remote to turn on the TV. Alex grabbed his mom's hand and said "But you
won't be able to her sister Loren if the TV is on." We chatted and she
opened up some with me, but she is not interested in the Gospel for herself.
She wants Alex to do what's right, but she is "too old" for religion. Please
pray for her. My next visit was scheduled for 3:30. Our "team" was supposed
to get together to rehearse the songs for that evening at 3 or 4 pm. I
figured I could either leave early or arrive late to our practice, so I
accepted the appointment. Unfortunately. I had to change the appointment due
to another team member's schedule. Long story short when I finally arrived
at Jon-Paul's house at 5 pm, Jon-Paul greeted me. He told me to wait as he
opened the door and called his mom from the back. I waited for 20 minutes. I
stood there with Joseph in my arms. Finally his little sister (who's two)
came out and said "Mom says not to open the door for you".
Jon-Paul did not come out nor did him come to kids club that night.
Please pray that he comes on Friday night or Sunday.
Kids Club
Wednesday Night, April 15- During our team meeting it was decided that the
men would not climb up to our sun roof to bring down an extra bench for my
kids club. Everyone including me did not expect many to come this evening.
Well, I had 25 kids at kids club last night. We are having a competition
that involves many areas.
1st place A Bible, CD of Bible songs, & an ice cream
2nd place A CD of Bible songs, & ice cream
3rd place A coke & ice cream
They must not only arrive on time, memorize verses, bring visitors, obey,
and bring their New Testament if they have one. The competition is hot! I
can't believe how hard these little ones are working. I am so please to see
the value the have in our Father's precious Word. Please continue to pray
for these little souls.
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