Friday, May 19, 2017

"Throw away the lumps and enjoy the Sweetness"

"Mom, help! What can I do?" she asked 

I was scurrying around, busy with other things, but I paused long enough to suggest, "Pour it through the colander to strain out the lumps, and it will be fine."
So just as she had often seen me drain water from a pot of boiled pasta, she set the colander in the kitchen sink  and poured the lumpy filling through the strainer--right down the drain. I found her standing by the sink with an odd look on her face, staring down into the colander, which held a small heap of still-steaming chocolate lumps and nothing else...I have made my own share of blunders in and out of the kitchen. I have even been known to pour life's sweetness down the drain and save the lumps. ( exert from The Monday Morning Club by Claudia Barba)

I shared this story with my kids and now on a regular basis when some one at home is focusing on the negatives we remind them to "throw away the lumps and enjoy the sweetness" 

Here's some "sweetness" from this year that has helped me see God's grace.

Gifts from my precious little ones on Mother's day

 13th year Anniversary to an amazing man

A week conference at one of my favorite places with my crazy baby sister. 

 Holding my precious little nephew "Kodi"

Having my mother visit for 10 days

The encouragement of transparency and vulnerability of friendship.

 The power of prayer

Our house still standing even after rainy season

An adorable little sister that has convinced her brother to play tea with her

The faithfulness of a praying, loving father

Inspiring, encouraging and equipping ladies in Puerto Maldonado to dig deep into God's word. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Unless You give me mercy, I know that I will fail

Have you ever felt like you have been wronged? The pain is awful. The torment even worse. You just think non stop about what “that person” did and how wrong it is. You question their integrity, friendship, etc…

Well, I have for that last several months. Yesterday, I spent most of the day praying, crying, listening to God’s word begging God for justice, for peace, and for rest.

God in His gracious mercy showed me that my focus was wrong. 

God gives grace to the humble and resists the proud.

I am a very proud person. God has graciously showed me these weeks how often I talk about myself. How puffed up I am about what I do and how I do it. Even in ministry. I can proudly think that I draw people to Him. When in reality it is God that draws people to Himself. 

Ministry is hard because it grows you. It teaches you much about your sin. Yet it is super rewarding because it pushes you to your knees and to your Redeemer. 

One of my husband’s favorite songs to hear each morning is “A Morning Prayer”

Oh Lord you are my Lord. I call to you for help. Unless you give me mercy I know that I will fail.
Lord listen to my prayer. Don't hide yourself from me. I lift my hands to you and with all my heart I sing.

You are my strength.  You are my shield. I will praise Your name. 
You are my savior. You are my shepherd. I will trust ¥our name.

Oh Lord you are my Rock. I come to you for help. Unless you give me mercy I know that I will fail. Lord listen to my prayer. Don't hide yourself from me. I lift my hands to you and with all my heart I sing.

You are my strength.  You are my shield. I will praise Your name. 
You are my savior. You are my shepherd. I will trust ¥our name.

The truth is that unless God gives me mercy I will fail. It is easy to judge others actions and to overlook our own sin. True freedom comes in focusing in guarding my heart and my walk with Christ. It is not until I see my sin as God sees it that I can be gracious, kind, and extend forgiveness. 

Friday, December 18, 2015

Weekly Wonders


Saturday- Decorated for our Christmas program "Volviendo a Cristo en Navidad"

                                 Thankful for faithful servants that use their gifts for God's glory!

Sunday- Buddy told the story of Abraham in a narrative way to remind us of God's faithfulness 
in-spite of our faithlessness. 

Monday- Traveled to Cusco to see a dentist and see baby Adalia...

Praising God for His protection during Angel's surgery. The surgery lasted 5 hours. It was brutal but even through out it all I saw God's strength. He gave Angel courage and a sound mind. Praise God!

Tuesday- Shopped in Cusco for the kids christmas gifts...

I didn't realize how much fun it would be to shop for the kids. It was the first time I got to shop for them alone. The Lord kept bringing Matthew 7:11 to mind. 

The icing to our Cusco trip...
Baby Adalia Slopa Sebastian

She is growing stronger each day. Yesterday, Emily was able to cuddle her for an hour. 
Today, she nursed her for the first time.  I am continually amazed at God's goodness and grace. 
He is the one that holds each breath we take.

Wednesday- Traveled back from Cusco and went out with the kiddos to invite for the 
Christmas program

Last week we made a couple hundred cookies to give out with our christmas invitations. We were able to hand out about 100 bags to the hospital personal and about 60 more to our neighbors.

We went door to door with the kiddos. The boys rode on their bikes making it an adventure in itself. 

Thursday- La Joyita bible study
(Segundo and Buddy talking about Yine translation. So thankful for what God is doing in Segundo's heart.)

We were locked out of our normal meeting place, but the neighbor graciously allowed us to meet at her place. 

Abigail Yoder was visiting us this week. We were glad to have her here. We were blessed to see how God used her to witness to this young man. His name is Dima. He is from Russia. He was polite and had many questions but seemed very closed to the gospel. Please pray for him.

It was exciting to see that despite the inconvenience of lack of seats we had more than the usual in attendance. 
We had 11 adults and 10 kids. 

Friday- We said farewell to Abigail and built a chicken coop

Abigail and I got to go to Nazareth's school in place of her mommy. 
Since Emily is in Cusco with baby Adalia.

So blessed to be instruments in the redeemers hand...

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