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Yes, I believe you are sovereign...I just sometimes doubt your goodness.

“Yes, I believe you are sovereign...I just sometimes doubt your goodness.”
As I laid in bed wrestling with my emotions and truth, I called out to my heavenly Father in all my confusion expressing to Him that “yes I believe You are sovereign... I just sometimes doubt your goodness.”

Yesterday, was a typical day. Breakfast at 7:30am. Homeschool and clean up from 8-1pm. Lunch at 1pm. Some down time till 3:15. Then soccer practice for the boys at 3:30. Tari stays with the boys and I go to swimming lessons with Abigail from 4-5pm. Then Abigail and I go back to soccer practice til 6pm.

Everything was going smoothly. Abigail had a great swimming lesson and was eager to play with Isaiah while Joseph finished his soccer practice. I sat comfortably in my camping chair reading a kindle book while glancing up every so often to check on the kiddos.

Abigail and Isaiah rushed happily to the monkey bars. Joseph’s team was playing a practice game.

After a few minutes I looked up and saw Abigail fall. …

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