Thursday, March 20, 2008

First friends to visit

First thing on the agenda: breakfast in a little cafe with Jeremy and Holly.

Our Friends, Jeremy and Holly Nelson, were our first friends to come to Peru to visit us! We were utterly thrilled, and extremely encouraged to have them with us for a few days.

They flew into the beautiful city of Cusco, and we were blessed to see a rainbow over the city while they were here.

Of course, rainbows also signify rain. (You may be able to tell that my coat is very wet, and Loren is shivering, although the shivering is hard to portray in pictures.)
While doing some touring of the Inca ruins on horseback, we encountered a drenching downpour.

We tried to do a quick roadside tour of some ruins, but Jeremy kept getting "bit" by the cacti.

We are actually standing on top of some ancient Inca ruins, and that is our truck way down below.
While they were here, we had to make sure they had some "cuy" or guinea pig. It was not exactly their favorite.

Jeremy helped me move a very heavy washing machine while they were here as well. We couldn't let them escape without a little bit of work.
Thanks again to the Nelsons for making the sacrifice to come visit us. We had a wonderful time!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Our Beautiful Mansion

Many of you of have heard that we are currently living in a mansion. Well, it's true. Here are some pictures...


Magnita, Me, & Ali
These girls lived with us during their summer break. They are really sharp girls and have been a great blessing to me. We met Magnita and Alicia about four years ago. Magnita is from the Yine tribe in Miaria (Where Rusty & Larissa will be ministering). Ali is from Putucusi, which is in the valley of Lares (about 8 hours from us). I had the privilege of helping Ali's sister Mari lead Alicia to the Lord. Both Magnita and Ali are fruits of our previous survey trips to Peru. They are both Seniors in the seminary and would like to be missionaries or pastor's wives.
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