Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Where is your treasure?

Just Monday, I was preparing to come into town in order to do some emails and phone calls. As Loren and I were preparing to pull out of the gate, we realized that no one was there to open the gate for us. I quickly got out of the truck in order to open the gate, and then slid back behind the driver seat in order to pull out. I started forward, but as the truck was about half-way through, an amazingly strong gust of wind suddenly caught the gate, and with tremendous force, slammed the gate into the side of the pick-up truck. I pulled out the rest of the way, and then got out to assess the damage.
If you are like me, you would immediately start trying to place the blame somewhere. Either on the person who is paid to open the gate, or on the gate manufacturer, or on anyone who might be within 100 yards.
But as I drove away, the only one I could seem to blame was the one who is Master of the Waves and Wind. While the damage is not drastic, I was still quite unhappy, and charged the creator with damaging my pickup truck.
As I continued driving, however, my maker reminded me of several things.
1. He made me, and I don't deserve a nice pick-up truck.
2. What I do deserve is hell and eternal punishment.
3. He gave me the truck.
4. I, and the truck, are actually both HIS.
5. He is in control of every gust of wind.
6. If He wants dents in his truck, that is his prerogative.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Location, Location, Location

We have spent countless hours and numerous days looking all around the city of Puerto Maldonado. The goal was to find a place that would be suitable as a "base station" for the tribal ministry. Ideally, we wanted someplace which would also be large enough for a church, and perhaps even a small area for volleyball etc.
We found numerous properties right in town which were perfect... except the sellers all thought that their properties were worth over $100,000 per acre!
On the other hand, we found many properties outside of town which we were reasonably price, but they were waaaay out of town.
So we kept looking, and praying... and God provided.
We found a property which, once the bridge is complete, will be less than 2 miles from the center of town!
It is nearly 1/2 acre, and the price was the by far the most reasonable that we have found. It even has a little construction already.

Here's a frontal view of the "colonial mansion."

And now we see the "great room" which happens to be the only room besides the kitchen.

Here's a rear view of the "palatial estate" complete with the pig-sty in the foreground

It even has running water, if you're willing to's only about 20 steps from the back of the house.
Incidently, the out-house is really out too. That's it right next to the pump

Finally, here's the back of the property, which has a number of different tropical fruit trees.
Thank you so much for your prayers. We'll look forward to seeing you down here soon.

bug bites and cow heart

Well, the bugs got me, but I got the cow, so who really won? I'm not sure.
I had the privilege of taking Keith Brock, missionary in Tacna, down to the jungle city of Puerto Maldonado for a few days. We saw a number of interesting things while there.

This is the very first four-wheel-drive motorcycle that I've seen

This man, Luis Cachique was actually saved and baptized under Mr. Robert Whatley's minister about 40 years ago.

The Lord gave me the privilege of witnessing to Amanda, and see her profess faith in Christ. Afterwards she exclaimed several times "I'm so happy!" Praise the Lord!

In Pto Maldonado, the motorcycle is by far the most common means of transportation. Seeing this motorcycle reminded me Psalm 22:12 ...bulls of BASHAN have beset me round.
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