Saturday, July 18, 2015

Amazingly Gracious God

On Thursday night we went to Beki's birthday party. It was a pleasant party with good food and sweet fellowship. After several hours everyone slowly began to leave. A handful of us stayed behind chatting, while the kids that were left were still running around. I was really enjoying how serene it all seemed. All of a sudden I looked over my shoulder and saw a little boy pick up triangular shaped stick of glass and stab Abigail in the eye (Beki and Daniel had just put some glass in one of their doors. I assume it was some scrap that was overlooked in the clean up). It took me a second to react since at first I hoped to be mistaken. Abigail's shrieks and the blood that dripped down her face confirmed what I thought I had seen. Buddy and I quickly rushed to her to see blood continue to fill her eye and run down her cheek. We tried opening her eye hoping to see more clearly what happened but the blood interfered. At that time Buddy and I knew we had to rush her to the hospital. I began yelling for Isaiah and Joseph to get in the van. Shannon jumped in as well, which I was very thankful for later, since she was able to stay in the waiting area with Joseph and Isaiah. As we were rushing to the hospital I began to plead with my Father out loud. I begged him to spare her vision. I asked him to calm my heart and to help me trust that He works all things for our good. The praying soothed Abigail and her cry became just a whimper. We arrived at the hospital and rushed into the emergency room. I was relieved to see that the doctor on call was one I had worked with before. We laid Abigail on a stretcher and the intern doctor on call began to exam her. The bleeding had stopped and even though there was still some blood in her eye it did not seem that her eye was bleeding any more. After  a careful examination the only cut that Abigail had was on her eyelid in between her eyelashes. I cannot tell you how blessed I felt at that time. God had graciously protected her eye. There is no explanation but that God is still working miracles. The way the boy stabbed her with the stick should have punctured her eye. Yet, we left the ER in about 15 mins with a little scratch on her eye lid. Abigail felt no more pain and there was no more bleeding. I serve an amazingly gracious God.

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