Hidden blessings

Spent most of the morning/early afternoon running around the center of town picking up some luggage sent via bus from Lima, buying dry goods, taking the dog to the vet and then unpacking. It was a delightful morning, despite the lack of electricity.

 We had plans for a nice cook out with the Blackburns, the Nagaos and our team. We crammed 5 adults and 3 kids into our cab while 2 adults and a dog rode in the back. It was a nice drive. We enjoyed great food and sweet fellowship. The Blackburns have a generator so it was easy to forget about the lack of power in town. We drove home a little after nine and we were all thankful but tired.

Much to our surprise it had poured while we were out and our windows were all open. Our beds were drenched and things blown everywhere. It was hard to see the damage with just flashlights.

Praise the Lord! There was a dry twin mattress for Abigail and Isaiah. Magnita and Buddy were able to find as way to put a mosquito net on the toddler bed that was dry for Joseph and there was a dry full mattress in Magnita's place. So we did a little more work than we expected when we got back home, but we are more thankful for the dry beds we have to sleep on.
As I was about to post this we got power! Incredible!! 
We have an awesome God!

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